Tuesday, 16 August 2016

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My First Experience as Bangalore Escort with Overseas Client

I am Lina, living in Bangalore and working as professional Bangalore Escort. I love my profession. It fetches handsome earning and all modern comforts. But, not just money, I’m a passionate girl who always wanted to explore the hidden pleasure in eroticism. I love spending time with handsome men, who are not just manly by physique but also real men from the core of their hearts. He must be a true gentleman with his appearances and behaviors. Before joining escort industry, I was always skeptic that men are not really respectful to women. Well, after working for 3 years in this industry, I have met a lot of good men. They are great persons – perfect companions for any girl.
I have become more respectful to my clients, after meeting Steve, who was eventually first client from abroad. This was exactly two years earlier, and I can remember the event quite clearly. On a fine afternoon, I got a phone call from Steve. He said that he wants to meet me and would like to enjoy my services. Well, I took the offer instantly and agreed on the place where he wanted to meet me. The moment I put the phone down, I realized butterflies running into my stomach. It was a mixed experience – an experience with blend of fun and thrill.
This was my first encounter with an overseas client, and I really wanted to look damn impressive. I met a lot of men, but never met any foreigner. So, asBangalore escorts, this was a unique opportunity for me. After having a hot bath, I felt refreshed. Now, the time was to get dressed up. I wanted to look sexy. Well, I am sexy, but wanted to flaunt my curves to impress my client. I feel confident in western wear, and thus I chose to dress myself up in western attires. Belly open top, paired with short skirt and high heels were my dress for the day. I put coral vibrant lipstick to look pouty and kissable.
So, I met Steve at the place that we decided on phone. Steve appeared a mid aged person – smart and handsome. He looks intelligent, and his polite gestures impressed me a lot. I also wanted to impress him with my naughty gestures ad talkative nature. The evening was really beautiful. We had fine dined, and then decided to get a little more intimate with each other in a hotel. On the way, Steve complemented me as one of the sexiest independent escorts in Bangalore he ever met.
We reached hotel, checked into our room. He offered me fine wine, and we started having chatting. I stared him in a naughty way, and I saw he got blushes on his cheeks. This is something new to my career as independent Bangalore escorts. Then, we enjoy hot and sizzling bed time fun. Steve is really good at bed. On the other hand, he also appreciated my erotic presence on the bed. Steve was on a short holiday at that time. So, he left on the next day, with a promise that we shall meet again. We eventually met several times after that and enjoyed each others’ company.

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